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Maharashtra’s Export Success: Record Breaking Grape Export

If you are from Maharashtra, start the export of this product today. I am talking about grapes, which have set a new record for export in Maharashtra. This year, India exported grapes worth 3.46 billion dollars, with Maharashtra accounting for 96 percent of it, which is a record. Maharashtra has exported grapes in large quantities […]

Jaggery Export: The largest exporter India

India is earning 537 million dollars by exporting this product. I am talking about jaggery, which is known as “gur” in Hindi. Considering its health benefits, its global demand is rapidly increasing, and it is seen as an alternative to sugar. I would like to inform you that India is the largest exporter of jaggery […]

Unlocking India’s Potential: Corn Export Opportunity

Corn, known as “bhutta” in India, is easily available here, and we are also the 6th largest producer of it. The global market for corn is worth 65 billion dollars, dominated by countries like America, Brazil, and Argentina. But India is also earning over 1 billion dollars by exporting it. If you live in states […]

Fresh Vegetable Export: Billion Dollar Market 

If you are a farmer, you must be growing fresh vegetables, and India is earning 890 million dollars by exporting them. Countries like UAE, Qatar, Britain and Saudi Arabia are heavily importing fresh vegetables from us. So why are you lagging behind? If you want to learn Import-Export with Lime Institute, write YES in the […]

Essential Oils Export: India Dominates Global Market

I will tell you about a product in which India’s exports surpass those of China and America, and its trend is rapidly growing worldwide. I am talking about essential oils, which are used for aromatherapy. People around the world are troubled by mental health problems, and essential oils help lift the mood, which has led […]

Unlocking the $70 Billion Global Market of Plastic Lids

Let Me tell you about a product whose global market will leave you astonished. I am talking about plastic lids. Just think, how big could the market for this small product be? A few million dollars or at most 1 billion dollars? No, it is approximately 70 billion dollars. And its export is dominated by […]

India’s Wooden Furniture Export Market: The $800 Million Industry

This product from India has tremendous demand in wealthy countries like America, Britain, France, and Germany. And Jodhpur in Rajasthan is considered world famous for this. I am talking about wooden furniture, which India is exporting and earning more than 800 million dollars from. Let me tell you that foreigners highly appreciate Indian furniture due […]

How To Start Export From Jammu Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is the state that produces 75% of India’s total production. The global market for apples is 6.85 billion dollars. The interesting thing is that India is currently earning only 24 million dollars by exporting apples. This means there is a tremendous opportunity in the export of this product. You can take advantage […]

Raw Aluminium Export: $90 Billion Dollar Industry

This product has a global market of over 90 billion dollars, and India ranks second in its export. I am talking about raw aluminium, which is used to make utensils and aluminium foil. India is the world’s largest exporter of this product after Canada, earning us 8.4 billion dollars. Odisha, Maharashtra, and Jharkhand are the […]

Cashew Nuts Earning Opportunity: Growing Demand in India 

India ranks second in the world for importing this product. I am talking about cashew nuts, of which the largest exporters are countries like Vietnam, Ghana, and Cambodia. While India is known for importing it, we spent 1.75 billion dollars on it in 2022. You can also start a business importing cashews into India from […]