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How to Export Mango From India?

India, also known as the “Land of Mangoes,” is famous for its various kinds and unique flavors of this delicious fruit. Mangoes are not only a domestic staple in India, but they also make a substantial contribution to the country’s economy as an export. Here is some information about Export Mango From India. History of […]

Millions From Waste: Produce Paper From Stubble

You can make millions by producing paper from this waste, which has become a major cause of pollution in India. I am talking about stubble(Parali), which causes severe pollution when burned. But by mixing caustic soda and bleach with this stubble and putting it into a mold, you can make paper from it, known as […]

How To Choose Best Transportation For Your Import Export Business

When finding the best transportation for your product, be sure to remember these 4 things. Number-1 Trust & EfficiencyThe transportation option you choose should be trusted and should safely deliver your products to the destination. Number-2 Cost EffectiveImport-export business is a game of margins, so choose a transportation option that is both good and affordable, […]

Top 5 Leading Tea Exporting Countries and Insights

India, the land of spices and vibrant culture, is also a global leader in tea production. Also known for its rich tea legacy, it is not only a large tea consumer but also one of the world’s major exporters. Here is Top 5 Leading Tea Exporting Countries and Insights. For years, the country’s green plantations produced […]

Top 6 Leading Export Products From India

India is endowed with a lot of farming and natural resources that have helped in the increasing of its export sector. With exports, India made a figure of $538 bn, an all-time-high mark in 2017. Here are some Leading Export Products From India. As a number one major specialist in goods, commodities and such things of […]

How to apply for import export code (License)?

Indian enterprises seeking to grow beyond their borders must follow a number of trade restrictions and compliance standards. One crucial necessity is how to apply for import export code (License), which is a mandated registration that is required for every import or export transaction. What is the Import Export Code (IEC)? IEC full form is […]

What is the Job Description of Import and Export Professionals?

In today’s integrated global economy, import and export specialists play critical responsibilities in ensuring that goods flow smoothly across international boundaries. These individuals operate in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, retail, and logistics, so their tasks are diverse and dynamic. So let’s see some information about Job Description of Import and Export Professionals. What are […]

Electronic Components HS Code Export from India

India is known as an essential contributor to the global electronics business, manufacturing and exporting a wide range of electronic components. Exporting electronic components necessitates conformity to international trade restrictions, including the use of Harmonized System (HS) codes. This blog explores the HS code Electronic, their relevance, the export process from India, and current industry trends. […]

Rising Potential of Banana Powder Export from India

India, one of the world’s top banana producers, produces roughly 30 million tons of bananas each year, accounting for around 26% of global banana production. The country has discovered a novel technique to add value to its vast banana crop: banana powder. Here is some information about Banana Powder Export from India. This flexible and nutritious product […]

The Growing Possibility of Makhana Exports from India

Makhana, also known as fox nuts or lotus seeds, has emerged as a nutritious powerhouse and a significant export product from India. Its transformation from a customary snack to a global sensation exemplifies both its nutritious value and commercial possibilities. India is responsible for more than 90% of global Makhana exports. Advantages of Using Makhana […]