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How To Start Export From Jammu Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is the state that produces 75% of India’s total production. The global market for apples is 6.85 billion dollars. The interesting thing is that India is currently earning only 24 million dollars by exporting apples. This means there is a tremendous opportunity in the export of this product. You can take advantage […]

How to Start a Successful Sea buckthorn Export Business?

Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) is a hardy plant with brightly colored berries that have been utilized for ages in traditional medicine and as a food source. Sea buckthorn has seen a rise in global demand in recent years due to its widespread health benefits and various uses in the culinary, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.¬†Here is […]

How can You Get Benefits From Interest Equalization Scheme

If you are in Import-export business and don’t know about Interest Equalization Scheme than it is bad news for you. Indian government has extended this Scheme for 2 months. In this Scheme you can get Inter Subsidy for funding in Pre-shipment and Post-shipment. Indian government has fixed 410 products and if your product comes in […]

How Gujrat Is Dominating the Dehydrated Onion Market

I am talking about dehydrated onions, which have seen a 67% increase in export. In the year 2023-24, Gujarat exported 83,452 metric tonnes of dehydrated onions, which are used in making curry abroad. Countries like America, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, United Kingdom, and Spain are the largest importers of it. Which product would you like […]

How to Start a Ready Made Clothing Export Business?

The business of clothing is very old and is one of the most famous and leading businesses in India. Famous clothing brands such as H&M, jockey, etc. make their products in India and sell them all over the world. Here is information on How to Start a Ready Made Clothing Export Business. Most of the brands […]

How to Export Mango From India?

India, also known as the “Land of Mangoes,” is famous for its various kinds and unique flavors of this delicious fruit. Mangoes are not only a domestic staple in India, but they also make a substantial contribution to the country’s economy as an export. Here is some information about Export Mango From India. History of […]

Millions From Waste: Produce Paper From Stubble

You can make millions by producing paper from this waste, which has become a major cause of pollution in India. I am talking about stubble(Parali), which causes severe pollution when burned. But by mixing caustic soda and bleach with this stubble and putting it into a mold, you can make paper from it, known as […]

How To Choose Best Transportation For Your Import Export Business

When finding the best transportation for your product, be sure to remember these 4 things. Number-1 Trust & EfficiencyThe transportation option you choose should be trusted and should safely deliver your products to the destination. Number-2 Cost EffectiveImport-export business is a game of margins, so choose a transportation option that is both good and affordable, […]

How to apply for import export code (License)?

Indian enterprises seeking to grow beyond their borders must follow a number of trade restrictions and compliance standards. One crucial necessity is how to apply for import export code (License), which is a mandated registration that is required for every import or export transaction. What is the Import Export Code (IEC)? IEC full form is […]

How to Find a Reliable Port Data Supplier?

In the complicated world of international trade and logistics, accurate and on-time port data supplier is essential. It allows firms to track shipments, simplify supply networks, and make more informed decisions.  What is port data? Port data is a complete set of information on the activities and operations of marine ports. This data is critical […]