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International Exchange Program for Export Import


International Exchange Program for Export Import

Course Curriculum

Export-Import : Introduction, Overview and Business Legal Procedure

    • Overview, Glossary of Global Trade Services, International Trading System
    • Make In India : Why, Who, What and Where
    • Framework of Export-Import Policy: FTP & Handbook of Procedures
    • ITC (HS - Harmonized System) Classification of Export-Import Items. Export-Import Policies.
    • International Institutions and their role in trade development: ICC, WTO, IMF, World Bank, ITC, Centre for Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI), Major Trading Blocks like European Union
    • Formation of Export Firm: Business Registration, PAN, GST, Bank A/c, IEC, Customs, RCMC, Other Licences

Practical : How to start Business and It's Legal Procedures


Market Development : Product Analysis, Market Selection & How to Search Potential Buyers ???

  • Internet Basics: Potential in International Trade, Market Research and Foreign Trade Statistics Product Selection, Market Selection, Export Promotional Council, Importance of Trade Association
  • Identifying Buyers : Offline, Online, Trade Agent
  • Best Sources for Market Development: Publications, Posting Offers, Public Data
  • Products, Markets, Country Identification
  • Logistics of Export Marketing, Marketing Cycle, Domestic and Export Marketing Plan
  • Market Penetration Strategy: Trade Fairs, Business Trips, Opening Overseas Offices, Corp. Agent, Channel Decision, etc
  • Consumer Behaviour and Cultural Aspects: SCM, Business Comm.,
  • Negotiation Skills, Approaching Skills, etc.

Practical : How To Search Potential Buyers Through Offline & Online ???


Digital Marketing: Google, Website and Online Social Network

  • Introduction: Search Engines
  • Introduction to use of Internet Search Tools in Effective Way
  • Effective Use of Search Engines: Google, Bing, etc.
  • Product ldentification: Internet, Web, E-mail Marketing. Practical Surfing, etc.
  • Product/ Page Branding: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Internet Search Tools: Live Touch, Live Support
  • Website and other Web Media

Practical: How To Make Presence Through Digital Marketing & Online Social Media ???


Export Cost & Price Analysis, Payment Terms, Risk Management

  • Export Pricing and Costing: Export Pricing Worksheet, Price Negotiation Strategies
  • Export Price Factors: Frequency of Purchase, Credit Offered, Quality and Price
  • INCOTERM - Calculate Cost, Price Quotations, EXW, FAS, FOB, CNF/CFR, CIF, CIP, CPT, DAT, DDU, DDP, etc.
  • Export Goods: Packing and Labelling. International Packing Standards & Symbols, Environmental Regulations
  • Payment Terms: Advance, Direct Payment (D/P). Collection (D/A), Letter of Credit (L/C). Bank Guarantee (BG)
  • Letters of Credit: Irevocable/ Confirmed/ Back to Back / Revolving/ Transferable/ Stand by LIC, Other types.
  • Marine Risks and Insurance Policy: Cargo Clauses - War Clauses, Strike Clauses
  • Credit Risk Guarantor: ECGC and it's Rule and Policies
  • Managing Risks: Credit Risk Insurance, Cargo lnsurance, Product Liability Insurance, etc.
  • Foreign Exchange Risk Management: Forward Contract, Futures and Options, EEFC

Practical: How To Calculate Cost and Price Through Worksheet & Other Practical Aspects


Export-Import Documentations

  • Samples: Export & Import by Courier & Post, Tips on Courier companies
  • Export Documents: Commercial & Regulatory Documents.
  • Export Pre-shipment Documentation: Sales/Purchase Contract, Pro-forma Invoice, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Consolidated Weight List, Fumigation, Phytosanitary Certificate, VGM, Annexure, E-Way Bill, etc.
  • Export Post-shipment Documentation: Bill of Lading, Bill of Exchange (Draft), Certificate of Origin, Shipping Bill, SDF, GSP, FTAs Certificate, etc.
  • Adhoc Documents: Telex, Undertaking, Debit/Credit Note, Annexure, etc.
  • Filling of Documentations: Computerised and Manually

Practical: Preparing Documentations by Practical & Digitally


Customs Clearance, Quality Control, Inspection

  • Quality Control and Pre-Shipment Inspection Procedures
  • Pre-shipment Inspection of Export Goods by Inspection Agencies, Sanitary & Phytosanitary Inspection, EIC Export Inspection Council of India, Mandatory Inspections.
  • Factory Stuffing, Self Sealing, Dock / Port Stuffing. ICD Stuffing
  • CHA: Role of Customs House Agent
  • Shipping Agents: Filing of Shipping Bill at Sea Port/Air Port/ ICD/ CFS/Land Customs Stations.
  • Examination of Export Goods by Customs, Loading the cargo on the Vessel/Air Craft
  • Shut Out, Short Out Shipments, Transhipment, Partial Shipment, Short Shipments.
  • First Shipment Process and Preparations

Practical: Customs Clearance Process, Inspection Procedures


Containers, Vessel Types and Shipping Process (By Sea / By Air / By Road)

  • Containers: FCL, LCL, etc.
  • Container Booking, Shipment Schedule, Vessel Sailing, etc.
  • Containers Types, Capacity, Loads, etc.
  • Shipment: Partial, Transhipment, etc
  • Ship/Vessel Types
  • Terminal, Container Freight Station, Jetty, Ware Houses, etc.
  • Port Management, Port Operations, Videos, etc.

Practical: Shipment, Terminal, Shipping Process Through By Sea/ Air / Road


Export Promotional Measures: EPC, CB, DA, RODTEP, ROSCTL, MAI, MDA, TMA (Basic)

  • Export Facilities and Incentives: Duty Drawback, Market Access Initiative, Market Development Assistance.
  • Status Holder Recognition: Star Export House
  • RODTEP: Remissions of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products
  • ROSCTL: Rebate of State and Central Taxes and Levies
  • MDA: Market Development Assistance
  • MAI: Market Access Initiative
  • TMA: Transport Marketing Assistance

Practical: How to Obtain Export Promotional Benefits and It's Procedure


Import Promotional Measures: Import Procedures, Advance Authorization, DFIA, EPCG (Basic)

  • Introduction : Import and Procedures
  • Import Charges, Duty Calculation, Import Strategies, etc.
  • Drawback Exemption & Remission Schemes: Advance Authorization DFIA, EPCG
  • Import Policy: Procedure and Documentations, Custom Tariff and Duties, Import Pricing
  • DEEC: Duty Exemption Entitlement Certificate Advance Licences and Other Import Policies (Basic)
  • DFIA: Duty Free Import Authorization (Basic)
  • EPCG: Export Promotional Capital Goods (Basic)

Practical How To Search Suppliers & Obtain Import Promotional Benefits and Procedure


FOREX: FEMA, RBI, Pre-Shipment & Post-Shipment Finance

  • FEMA: Rules for Export of Goods and Services
  • Role of Banking in Exports & Imports
  • RBI: Guidelines for Export & Import
  • Pre-Shipment Finance: EPC, PCFC, FCTL
  • Post-Shipment Finance: Bill Discount
  • EEFC A/c, Foreign Exchange Facilities
  • Trade Discount, Reduction in Invoice Value
  • Resale to Other Buyers, Overdue Export Bills

Practical : Availing Forex Facilities and To Know FEMA/RBI Guidelines


International Business Communication

  • Introduction and Overview
  • E-Mail Formats, E-Mail Practice
  • Business Correspondence (How to Convince
  • Buyers/Sellers & Convert into Trade Execution)
  • How to Reply / Negotiation/ Conversation???
  • Telecommunkkation through Audio Recording
  • International Call Tools / Mobile Applications

Practical E-Mail Practice, How To Convince & Convert Into Trade ???


B2B: Business to Business, B2C: Business to Customer, E-Commerce (Online Selling)

  • Introduction and Overview & Players in B2B & B2C (E-Commerce Business)
  • B2B: Effective Way Business Through B2B Portals
  • B2B: List of Portals India & Other Countries
  • B28: List of Portals Industries/ Sectors Wise
  • B2B & B2C: Registration Procedures and Charges, Etc
  • B2C: Players in E-Commerce Business: Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay, etc.
  • B2C: Entry and Process of E-Commerce Business: Registration of Sellers, Charges, Payment Terms, etc.
  • B2C: Important Points: how to make more sales...?
  • B2C: Making a Profitable Business in Online

Practical: How To Start Online Selling and International Business Through B2B Portals


Exporter and Entrepreneurship Development Programme - 1

  • Business Basics: Who is Entrepreneur???
  • MSME Business - Planning, Possibility,Pre-screening
  • MSME - Schemes by Govt. of India
  • Selection of Business: Skills and Standards(Business Model)
  • List of Agencies: To be Help in Business
  • Business Formation: Start Up
  • Key Skills of Business Success: Vision, Values and Strategy
  • Product Selection & Market Analysis (Market Research)
  • Business Management

Exporter and Entrepreneurship Development Programme - 2

  • Capital: Fixed and Working
  • Financial Management: Resource and Application
  • Understanding of Product Cost and Price Analysis
  • Marketing Management: Sales, Branding, Advertising, etc.
  • Key Skills of Super Sales and Purchase or Procurement - Steps
  • Human Resource Management and Taxation
  • GST: Return Filling, IGST Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Intellectual Property: Trade Mark, Rights, Patents, etc.

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