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Top 20 Products to Export in Estonia from India | Best Opportunities in Exports | Lime Institute


Here is the list of the Top 20 Products that you can consider exporting to  Estonia from India.

This list contains 20 products that have been the most exported products (in value USD Thousands).

This way we are helping you to get on the right track of Exports and Select only the best products for a particular country.

Here is the list of all 20 Products as we have shown you in the video:


  • ‘711319 Articles of jewellery and parts thereof, of precious metal other than silver, whether or not … 700
  • ‘690390 Retorts, crucibles, mufflers, nozzles, plugs, supports, cupels, tubes, pipes, sheaths, rods …    704
  • ‘120740 Sesamum seeds, whether or not broken  721
  • ‘732010 Leaf-springs and leaves therefor, of iron or steel (excluding clock and watch springs and shock …          738
  • ‘330190 Extracted oleoresins; concentrates of essential oils in fats, fixed oils, waxes and the like, …     827
  • ‘732599 Cast articles of iron or steel, n.e.s. (excluding articles of non-malleable cast iron, and …           958
  • ‘761699 Articles of aluminium, n.e.s.        982
  • ‘291469 Quinones (excluding anthraquinone)         1047
  • ‘292529 Imines and their derivatives; salts thereof (excluding chlordimeform [ISO])     1180
  • ‘630532 Flexible intermediate bulk containers, for the packing of goods, of synthetic or man-made textile …               1233
  • ‘830241 Base metal mountings and fittings suitable for buildings (excluding locks with keys and hinges)          1399
  • ‘401170 New pneumatic tyres, of rubber, of a kind used on agricultural or forestry vehicles and machines    1468
  • ‘847420 Crushing or grinding machines for solid mineral substances               1491
  • ‘730630 Tubes, pipes and hollow profiles, welded, of circular cross-section, of iron or non-alloy steel …               1552
  • ‘850300 Parts suitable for use solely or principally with electric motors and generators, electric …    1585
  • ‘550320 Staple fibres of polyesters, not carded, combed or otherwise processed for spinning    1661
  • ‘381590 Reaction initiators, reaction accelerators and catalytic preparations, n.e.s. (excluding rubber …            1671
  • ‘854511 Electrodes of graphite or other carbon, for electric furnaces               1710
  • ‘854470 Optical fibre cables made up of individually sheathed fibres, whether or not containing electric …         2421
  • ‘380210 Activated carbon (excluding medicaments or deodorant products for fridges, vehicles etc., put …          6402





This video is an excellent example of precious and crucial information that will help anyone who is a beginner or just started and getting their first few deals closed.

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