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India-Australia Trade Relations

India-Australia Trade Relations


India and Australia are Indo-Pacific accomplices with a common vision for a strong, comprehensive, open locale. In FY22, India was Australia’s ninth biggest exchanging accomplice, and Australia was India’s seventeenth biggest exchanging accomplice. Significant commodities to Australia incorporate oil based goods, materials and clothes, designing merchandise, calfskin, synthetic compounds, and diamonds and adornments.



  • The two-sided exchange among India and Australia in labor and products remained at US$ 27.5 billion out of 2021 against US$ 18 billion of every 2020.
  • India’s merchandise sends out were worth US$ 6.9 billion, and imports collected to US$ 19.0 billion in FY23.
  • Australia possesses the 29th situation in FDI value inflows into India with a combined FDI measure of US$ 1.1 billion from April 2000-Walk 2023.
  • The two-sided exchange among India and Australia in FY23 remained at US$ 25.9 billion and US$ 25.0 billion in FY22.




  • India sent out 5,418 items to Australia in FY23.
  • India’s product to Australia trades became 104.78% from US$ 4.04 billion in FY21 to US$ 8.28 billion in FY22.
  • Major sent out things from India to Australia incorporate oil based commodities (US$ 2.99 billion); trailed by drug plans and biologicals (US$ 383 million), electrical hardware and gear (US$ 273 million), results of iron and steel (US$ 238 million), and RMG cotton including embellishments (US$ 197 million) in FY23.
  • India’s products to Australia remained at US$ 6.9 billion in FY23 and US$ 1.2 billion during April-May of the monetary year 2023-24.
  • Major sent out things from India to Australia incorporate oil based commodities (US$ 616 million) trailed by drug plans and biologicals (US$ 77 million) and so forth during April-May 2023.




  • India imported 1,928 products from Australia in FY23.
  • Imports from Australia to India were esteemed at US$ 8.24 billion in FY21 and US$ 16.7 billion in FY22.
  • Significant India’s imports from Australia incorporate mineral coal, coke, and briquittes (US$ 14.7 billion), gold (US$ 967 million), mass mineral and metals (US$ 639 million), oil based goods (US$ 488 million), and handled minerals (US$ 304 million).
  • Imports from Australia to India were esteemed at US$ 19.0 billion in FY23 and US$ 2.5 billion during April-May of the financial year 2023-24.
  • Significant India’s imports from Australia incorporate coal, coke and briquittes (US$ 1.9 billion) trailed by oil based goods (US$ 129 million) and so forth during April-May 2023.



  • The Main India-Australia 2+2 Pastoral Discourse was hung on September 11, 2021. The exchange mirrored the developing union among India and Australia on security issues and a common obligation to a free, open, prosperous and rules-based Indo-Pacific locale.
  • On April 2, 2022, India and Australia marked the Monetary Collaboration and Economic deal (IndAus ECTA) under which the two nations are giving obligation free admittance to an immense number of products and loosening up standards to advance exchange administrations. The Indo-Australia arrangement is supposed to increment respective exchange from the current US$ 27.5 billion to US$ 45 billion out of five years.
  • India and Australia earnestly committed to a responsibility during the Virtual Pioneers’ Highest point held in June 2020, which was to have AISRF Extraordinary Coronavirus Round in 2020, as per that, the AISRF Coronavirus exceptional round projects (on Coronavirus screening and symptomatic testing and heart marker) were declared in December 2020. Awards for cycle 14 of the AISRF were reported in Walk 2022, remembering for areas of quantum advances, earth perception remote detecting, groundwater assets the executives and downstream handling, reusing and tailings recovery of basic minerals, Coronavirus long haul wellbeing influences, contamination avoidance and control, computerized wellbeing and telemedicine, biomaterials (counting bioplastics).
  • State leader of India Mr. Narendra Modi and Mr. Scott Morrison, previous Head of the state of Australia held the second India-Australia Virtual Highest point on Walk 22, 2022. A joint assertion was given at the finish of the highest point. The rundown of results and reports declared/marked remember MoU for Co-Interest in Australian Basic Minerals Undertakings between Khanij Bidesh India Ltd. (KABIL), India and Basic Minerals Help Office (CMFO), Australia; MoU for participation and joint effort on communicating between Prasar Bharati, India and Extraordinary Telecom Administration (SBS), Australia; foundation of the yearly culmination among India and Australia.
  • Priest of Parliamentary Issues, Coal and Mines Mr. Pralhad Joshi visited Australia from July 3-8, 2022 and held a gathering with Mr. Madeleine Ruler, Pastor for Assets and Clergyman for Northern Australia to reinforce collaboration in basic minerals.
  • Outer Issues Clergyman Mr. S. Jaishankar and Unfamiliar Priest Ms. Penny Wong held the thirteenth FMFD in Canberra on October 10, 2022, during which reciprocal, local, and multilateral issues of shared interests were talked about.



The connection among Australia and India has grown quickly as of late, especially under the impulse of India’s broad course of monetary change and the subsequent fast globalization of the Indian economy. The two nations have become stronger and significance and taken quick steps in all areas – exchange, energy and mining, science and innovation, data innovation, training, and protection. The year 2021-22 saw expanding profundity and expansiveness of commitment in the two-sided, three-dimensional and plurilateral designs, with progress made on different drives including laying out new components for collaboration. Before long, the general connection among India and Australia will proceed to develop and can possibly accept more noteworthy conspicuousness.


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