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Best Growth Rate Wise Sorted Top 20 Products to Export in Pakistan  from India | Best Opportunities in Exports | Lime Institute

Best Growth Rate Wise Sorted Top 20 Products to Export in Pakistan  from India | Best Opportunities in Exports | Lime Institute


Here is the list of the Top 20 Products that you can consider exporting to Pakistan from India.

We have shortlisted these products for the highest percentage-wise growth rate exported in the past 4-5 years from India to Pakistan.

This way we are trying to help you to get on the correct track of Exports and Select only the best products for a particular country.

Here is the list of all 20 Products as we have shown you in the video:


  • 1 Structures and parts of structures, of iron or steel, n.e.s. (excluding bridges and bridge-sections, …         43           1223
  • 2 “Poly””ethylene terephthalate””, in primary forms, having a viscosity number of Lesser than 78 ml/g”               39           665
  • 3 Vitamin B1 and its derivatives, used primarily as vitamins             258         299
  • 4 Vitamin B6 and its derivatives, used primarily as vitamins             1              288
  • 5 Opacifying preparations for x-ray examinations; diagnostic reagents for administration to patients               324         281
  • 6 Threaded screws and bolts, of iron or steel, whether or not with their nuts and washers (excl. …            86           215
  • 7 Matches (excluding pyrotechnic articles of heading 3604)             642         208
  • 8 “Amino-alcohols, their ethers and esters; salts thereof (other than those containing Greater than one …         1210       190
  • 9 Electric conductors, for a voltage Lesser than or equals 1.000 V, insulated, not fitted with connectors, n.e.s.            2              187
  • 10 “Cinnamon “”Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume”” (excluding crushed and ground)”          2                177
  • 11 “Glycosides, natural or reproduced by synthesis, and their salts, ethers, esters and other …                589         145
  • 12 Carboxylic acids with additional oxygen function and their anhydrides, halides, peroxides and …   2183       136
  • 13 Cane or beet sugar and chemically pure sucrose, in solid form (excluding cane and beet sugar …            110135  123
  • 14 Tetracyclines and their derivatives; salts thereof                14           113
  • 15 Immunological products, unmixed, not put up in measured doses or in forms or packings for retail … 273         85
  • 16 Cyclanic, cyclenic or cycloterpenic alcohols and their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or …                340         84
  • 17 Statuettes and other ornamental articles, of plastics       244         80
  • 18 Woven fabrics containing Greater than or equals 85% polyester staple fibres by weight, dyed, made of yarn of different …        211         72
  • 19 Bases, inorganic, and metal oxides, hydroxides and peroxides, n.e.s.      2              71
  • 20 Woven fabrics of strip or the like, of synthetic filament, incl. monofilament of Greater than or equals 67 decitex …         2007       62


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