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India-Australia Trade Relations

India-Australia Trade Relations INTRODUCTION India and Australia are Indo-Pacific accomplices with a common vision for a strong, comprehensive, open locale. In FY22, India was Australia’s ninth biggest exchanging accomplice, and Australia was India’s seventeenth biggest exchanging accomplice. Significant commodities to Australia incorporate oil based goods, materials and clothes, designing merchandise, calfskin, synthetic compounds, and diamonds […]

Top 10 Imports of India

Top 10 Imports of India In 2021-22, India imported $388.92 billion worth of labor and products, down 18% from $474.71 billion out of 2019-20. Indian products added up to $290.18 billion in the past monetary year, down 7.4% from $313.36 billion of every 2019-20. Imports have consistently beated trades in India’s unfamiliar business, as these […]

How to Boost Your Export Import Business?

How to Boost Your Export Import Business? (Reading Time 2 min) To extend your business around the world, there are four key factors that you really want to embrace and develop inside yourself.   Navigating Global Opportunities:  In order to engage in international business, it is important to recognize that selecting a country is not […]

How to Start Your Career in Export-Import

How to Start Your Career in Export-Import (Reading Time 2 min)   Global trade is doing really well, and if you want to be part of it, think about starting a job in importing and exporting to find your dream career.   Why Choose a Career in Export-Import?   Almost all countries trade with each […]

What is the Best Way to Start an Export Business in India?

What is the Best Way to Start an Export Business in India?   India is a land of opportunities. The nation is wealthy in assets and has huge potential for development.  With the right moves, India can be a significant player in the global market. The import-export send out business is perhaps the most worthwhile […]

TOP 8 Biggest Shipping Companies in the World

  Maersk Line: Setting the Global Standard for Shipping Excellence in India In the realm of transportation, scarcely any names resound as significantly as Maersk Line. Eminent as one of the biggest and most compelling transportation organizations around the world, Maersk Line stretches out its considerable reach to India, conveying a commitment of unrivaled help. […]

Navigating the Global iPhone Trade: A Guide to Importing and Exporting iPhones

Introduction In a world increasingly interconnected by technology, the iPhone has emerged as a global icon, transcending borders and becoming a symbol of innovation and connectivity. Its impact on the global economy is undeniable, and its presence is felt in virtually every corner of the world. In this blog, we will embark on a journey […]

India’s Role in Global Rice Exports

India has a storied history of rice cultivation and export. For centuries, its fertile lands and diverse rice varieties have made it a global hub for rice production. From ancient origins to modern times, India’s role in supplying rice to the world has been significant, impacting global food security and trade. This blog post explores […]

Excelling in International Trade – Lime Institute’s Premier Education

Lime Institute’s Guide to International Trade Success – Navigating the Global Marketplace In today’s globalised economy, where borders are no longer boundaries, international trade has emerged as a pivotal force propelling economic growth, fostering cultural exchange, and opening doors to unprecedented opportunities. Within this intricate web of cross-border transactions, trade policies, and market dynamics, a […]

Potatoes, fresh or chilled Export | Top 10 Valuation And Growthwise Buyers Country

Here is the list of all 10  Valuationwise Countries as we have shown you in the video:   Mauritius 2438 Kuwait 2448 Sri Lanka 2867 United Arab Emirates 3005 Viet Nam 4862 Malaysia 6073 Indonesia 6950 Saudi Arabia 8633 Oman 11305 Nepal 41813     Here is the list of all 03  Valuationwise Countries as […]